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THE BACCHAE after Euripides


19th April – 7th May 2016

A wanderer returns, driving the people of the city into a ferocious and liberating frenzy. His actions excite, his message thrills, but his mission is revenge.

Euripides’ hedonistic and uncompromising final play comes to the stage in an all-new devised ensemble production. Through the use of spoken word, movement and music this thrilling production examines belief, sexuality and liberation.

A man is just a man, unless that man is God.

The production marks our return to The Blue Elephant after our sell-out production of Shakespeare’s Richard III in 2014.

The Bacchae marks the ninth Greek play in the Lazarus repertoire after Medea 2007, Elektra 2008, Hecuba 2010, Orestes 2011, Electra 2011, The Women of Troy 2012, Iphigenia in Aulis 2012 and Oedipus 2013.



Dionysus – Nick Biadon

Pentheus – Stephen Emery

Agaue – Sonja Zobel

Katrine – Lysanne Van Overbeek

Advisor – Jake W Francis

Advisor – Ashley Holman

Advisor – Aidan Valentine

Chorus Leader– RJ Seeley

Chorus 1 – Tamara Camacho

Chorus 2 – Liis Mikk

Chorus 3 – Amy Allen

Chorus 4 – Kenzie Horn

Chorus 5 – Rachel Agustsson

Chorus 6 – Katherine Judkins





Written by Euripides

Adapted and Directed by Gavin Harrington-Odedra

Additional material written by David Bullen and the company 

Costume Designed by Sorcha Corcoran

Lighting Design by Stuart Glover

Sound Design by Neil McKeown

Production Manager – Ina Berggren

Stage Manager – Mel Berry

Dramaturge – David Bullen

Assistant Director – John King

Company Photographer – Adam Trigg

Production Graphic Designer – Will Beeston

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