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ELECTRA; HER LIFE after Euripides 


23rd August – 17th September 2011, The Space.

Wife, daughter, sister and Greek, Electra, child of the triumphant Agamemnon must search for her own identity, purpose and existence. This devised ensemble piece explored this unique woman through the use of movement, text and song and questions who is Electra.

Award winning Lazarus Theatre Company presented two of Euripides finest pieces, Electra and Orestes in two new productions in one epic rep.

Both productions were created by one large ensemble of nearly thirty actors who through the use of text, movement and music created our epic Summer of Greeks.


Electra; Lauren West, 

Orestes; Jennifer Shakesby,

Clytemnestra; Paula James, 

Chorus; Melisa Ramadan, Rebecca Morgan, Rosamund Hine, Jaclyn Bradley, Bryony Reiss, Katherine Astbury and Natalie Harper



Directed by Gavin Harrington-Odedra

Assistant Director - Tammie Kite

Lighting Designer - Nick Kent

Costume Design by Theodora Anagor

Production and Stage Manager - Nick Kent

Deputy Stage Manager - Shaun Corcoran

Production Image by Will Beeston

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