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IPHIGENIA IN AULIS after Euripides 


2nd - 20th october 2012, The Jack Studio Theatre, Brockley.

A World on the verge of war, a world in which there must be a sacrifice. Agamemnon, Commander in Chief must make the ultimate decision; to sacrifice his daughter and take his country victoriously to war or to save her and accept a crushing defeat. A man at the height of his glory must determine his priority, his family or his nation. Should the commander lead his world to victory or preserve his pride and joy, his daughter... Iphigenia.


Agamemnon – Wayne Reid

Clytemnestra – Jocelyn Weld Forester

Menelaus – Stephen MacNeice

Iphigenia - Maryanne Hedges

Achilles – Jack Greenlees

Captain – George Vafakis

Page – Melisa Ramadan

Chorus: Grace Dunne, Anna Roca, Kimberley Maloney and  Victoria Gilbert



Directed and Designed by Gavin Harrington-Odedra

Lighting Design - Rachel Smith

Costume Design by Rachel Dingle

Assistant Director – Marta Noguera

Movement Consultant – Jennifer Shakesby

Stage Manager – Ina Berggren

Company Photographer –Adam Trigg

Production Graphic Designer – Will Beeston

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