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TAMBURLAINE THE GREAT by Christopher Marlowe


25th August - 12th September 2015, The Tristan Bates Theatre.

Dictator, lover, husband and murderer, Tamburlaine the Great, hits the stage in an all new gripping, physical and brutal production.

Controversial writer, Christopher Marlowe’s fierce and ferocious play follows Tamburlaine and his thirst for power, the crown is within his reach and nothing, not even God, can stand in his way.

An ensemble company brings both parts, one and two, to the stage over one evening.

Tamburlaine the Great marks our return to the Tristan Bates after our sell out productions of Shakespeare’s Troilus & Cressida andCoriolanus in 2014 and our award-winning production of The Tragedy of Mariam in 2013.


Tamburlaine – Prince Plockey,

Techelles – Kate Austen,

Usumcasane – Adam Cunis,

Theridamas – Adam Wyn Jones
Mycetes / King of Argier / Messenger 1 – Robert Gosling,

Cosroe / King of Fez / Orcane – Stephen Emery
Ortygius / King of Morocco / King of Soria – Tom Woodward,

Meander / Callapine – Thomas Winsor,

Menaphon / Soldan of Egypt /Governor of Babylon – Tom Scurr,

Zenocrate / Virgin 3 – Alex Reynolds,

Zabina / Virgin 1 / Messenger 2 – Charlotte Couture,

Ebea / Virgin 2 / Jerusalem – Pauline Nakirya,

Anippe / The Spy / Virgin 4 / King of Trebizon – Georgie Grier,

Agydas / Governor Damascus / Almeda – Lorna Reed,

Bajazeth / Soldier 1 / King of Amasia – Alex Maude.


Written by Christopher Marlowe,

Adapted and Directed by Ricky Dukes and Gavin Harrington-Odedra,

Lighting Design by Jai Morjaria,

Sound Design by Neil McKeown,

Costume Design by Rachel Dingle,

Dramaturge – Sara Reimers,

Production Manager – Ina Berggren,

Stage Manager – Lorrell Rawlins,

Assistant Director – Josh Hinds,

Company Photographer – Adam Trigg,

Production Graphic Designer – Will Beeston.

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